Thursday, July 16, 2009


I finally figured out how to post "blinkies" and such on the side bar of my blog! The Peachy Cheap website is awesome, I got a great deal on some beautiful paper from Fancy Pants and they threw in a cute little tote bag :) The Spongebob/Patrick thing was a silly thing I did for my 9-y.o. daughter's entertainment, she found my results hysterical! I told her of course I'd get Patrick, I'm married to him ;)

I'm almost done with a project I've been working on, a gift for a friend of mine. As soon as I'm finished I will attempt to put pics up here.

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Julia Aston said...

welcome to blog land! you'll learn as you go along - I think most of us are doing it that way! can't wait to see what you post - thanks for stopping by my blog - I'd love to see you at the Papertree - I'm an hour away from it too but I travel up once a month to teach!